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Own range and own brand minerals
Own range minerals Buy minerals, vitamins and herbal supplements to re-sell under your own branding! How can I set up my own range of minerals? With our help, it is so easy to set up your own range of vitamins, minerals and/or food supplements! Buy our specialist, high-quality products at trade price and then re-sell them through your store, clinic or website (as the case may be) under your own branding. We offer all of our trade customers the option to re-sell our products under their own label, which means that the labels display your logo, business name, contact details and chosen product names. Setting up your own range is so quick and easy - you simply fill out a brief questionnaire, pay a small one-off fee and our in-house team then designs your labels for the products you wish to buy within a couple of days. We can even generate images of the products, so that you can display them on your website - no need to spend £££s on a professional photographer! The one-off fee covers: own label set-up customised label design printing of labels for ALL FUTURE PURCHASES of products from us and application of the labels for dropshipped items. We have a special bundle offer if you require images too. Contact us for further information. What type of minerals, vitamins, herbal and food products are available for my own range? We have a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements for own range customers. For example: multi-mineral superfood blends (in capsule and powder form) from organic food and herb ingredients powerful slimming products (including thermogenic herbal formulations and nutrients-fortified protein shakes), packed with vitamins, minerals and other phyto-nutrients digestive aids and herbal supplements packed with minerals and other active ingredients to support bloated stomach, flatulence, stomach pain, muzzy head, coated tongue, dysbiosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Candida albicans symptoms (including constipation / hard stools or diarrhoea) vitamins and minerals to support a nutrient-deficient diet, including as a result of food intolerance or allergies antioxidants and immunity-support minerals alkalising food products, packed with vitamins and minerals combination herbal and mineral probiotic formulas herb and mineral colonic formulas all-in-one Candida formulas with caprylic acid, probiotics, aloe vera, garlic & many other natural cleansing and protective ingredients, vitamins and minerals and much more! Are own range minerals right for me? We sell own label vitamins and minerals to a wide range of trade customers at wholesale prices, including health stores, herbalists, nutritionists, reflexologists, dieticians, detox spas, naturopaths, colon hydrotherapists, online retailers and small / home businesses. Although we are UK based (and all of our products are manufactured here), we supply trade customers across the world. If you are trying to boost profit margins, earn extra income or start-up your own successful business, own range minerals and health supplements are for you! The personalised labelling option enables you to build your brand, promote repeat business and set your own re-sale price without the worry of same-brand price comparisons. Set up your own range of minerals, vitamins and food supplements today!
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