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Own label supplements and personalised product labels
Own label supplements Your own range of supplements with customised and personalised product labels! If you are interested in selling your own range of vitamins, minerals, food supplements, meal replacement shakes, protein powders and more, you have come to the right place. We sell a wide range of wholesale own-label products and trade price practitioner vitamins formulas. Buy vitamins for resale under own label The natural health supplements and vitamins market continues to grow - in fact, it is booming. Why advertise someone else’s products? Why not build your own brand and keep customers coming back to you with personalised labels? We are natural health practitioner supplement suppliers of food supplements and, with our help, you can quickly and easily establish your own range of products at a very low price. Customised labels and own label products Looking for customised labels on wholesale supplements and vitamins? We can provide you with this service under one roof - our in-house design team will set-up and design your personalised labels for you with your company’s colours and your logo. So, whether you are looking for a powerful herbal oedema formula, practitioner-strength acidophilus probiotic capsules for bloated stomach symptoms, organic food-form supplements, herbal colon cleansers, antioxidants, superfoods, dairy-free meal replacements or protein shakes, we can supply these high quality products to trade customers, along with their own label. Own label products Own label products and the own-brand option is a particular favourite amongst: nutritionists looking for specialist, high quality, food-based vitamins and minerals and colon hydrotherapists looking for powerful herbal colon cleansers, colon combinations, multi-strain probiotics and digestive system formulas, who have their own websites, stores and/or clinics. Having your own customised label helps to build your company’s brand and adds prestige to your business. More about our unique supplements and vitamins ranges We sell a specialist range of drug free colon combinations for use by colonic hydrotherapists, nutritionists, dieticians, as well as hundreds of other trade customers, health practitioners and health stores. We are also suppliers of: drug free herbal thermogenic fat burner weight loss diet pills for slimmers powerful constipation relief herbal formulations and dietary fibre blends supplements for tummy cramps and candida albicans symptoms powerful colon detoxification and body detox products herbal products for bad breath and halitosis probiotics for bloating, diarrhoea and flatulence (e.g. following meals and/or as a result of poor diet), including Lactobacillus acidophilus probiotic capsules for constipation symptoms other digestive health supplements (including plant digestive enzymes) for constant watery diarrhoea and indigestion symptoms products to help improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms and food intolerance symptoms, including gut pains natural products and supplements for food allergy or a bloated stomach problems. trade practitioner caprylic acid formulas. Are you a colonic hydrotherapist? We sell powerful colon combinations, tinctures, practitioner-strength probiotics and other digestive aids to support the work of colonic hydrotherapists. Help  your clients to stop their constantly bloated stomach, stomach pains and various other unpleasant symptoms. You may be particularly interested in checking out our herbal supplements for candida albicans and smelly flatulence - stop a bloated stomach and flatulence after eating bad foods. We also have products for constant stomach pains, indigestion and other associated and unpleasant daily symptoms. Stop IBS symptoms and food intolerance symptoms, including an inflamed colon, poor digestion, mal-absorption of nutrients and leaky gut syndrome. Boost profits and earn extra income! Low cost products sold to trade customers and practitioners under customised company name Boost your business income by selling own label supplements. Not only will you be able to set your own re- sale price without concern over same brand price comparison (which will give your higher profit margins), you will be able to build customer loyalty for your own brand products when they see results and keep coming back for more! Whether your clients suffer from long-standing IBS and bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, candida infection, candida albicans symptoms, coated tongue, indigestion, smelly flatulence, food allergies, food intolerances or diverticulitis symptoms we have the specialist trade practitioner health supplements and natural herbal products, vitamins and minerals for you. We sell high quality, low cost products (including our unique colon combinations, probiotics and herbal food supplements) to retailers and practitioners under customised names. We formulate our own products - you won’t find these specialist formulations anywhere else! Boost your business profit margins with our personalised practitioner products - get started today! It’s so quick and easy.
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