Own Label Health Products

Own label health products are a popular private label product category for retailers. These products are manufactured by a third party but sold under the retailer’s brand name. This is an increasingly common and cost-effective way for retail brands to expand their product offerings without the burden of in-house manufacturing.

The most popular own label health products are supplements, drinks, and powders. Supplements typically contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other ingredients designed to address a specific health concern or improve overall wellness. They can be sold in capsules, tablets, liquids, or powder form. Drinks, such as smoothies and teas, are another common private label health product category that can be sold in capsules, tablet, or liquid form. Powder-based own label health products, such as protein powders and meal replacement shakes, are also widely available.

Before launching your own label health products, conduct research to identify a niche and potential customers. Choose a reputable OEM company that specializes in private label products, and contact them for estimates. Once you have finalized pricing and placed your order, ensure that all documents are kept track of to ensure a seamless launch.