Own Label Health Products

Own label health products are a great way for retailers to increase profits, build brand loyalty and differentiate their product catalogue. However, it’s essential to choose a manufacturer that prioritizes safety. That’s why it’s important to do your research and find an OEM private label supplement manufacturing company that follows GMP & FDA regulations and has an outstanding track record.

The best own label supplements are created to target specific health concerns and improve overall well-being. These products include vitamins, herbal remedies, minerals, protein powders, and more. They’re sold in capsules, tablets, liquids and powder form. Having own label supplements available in your clinic or retail store will allow you to establish a distinct brand, bolster sales and increase profits while enhancing patient satisfaction.

Many health practitioners are losing sales and reorders to online marketplaces, so they’re looking at private labeling to help protect their business and retain their patients. Any practitioner who sells more than 12 units of any type of health product a month is a good candidate for private labeling. Private labeling is also an excellent option for a medical practice that wants to enhance the patient experience and reduce operational costs through the use of telemedicine.

Creating a bespoke line of own label dietary supplements, drinks and cosmetics will ensure that you have a niche offering to attract health-conscious shoppers. These customers are more likely to buy from a brand that has the same values and interests as them, such as a vegan, organic or gluten-free product. Using market research to identify the needs and trends of your target audience is key when developing an own-label strategy.

DFH’s private label options allow you to bring your own brand to life through high-quality, cost-effective, branded supplements that are made in the USA. We provide all of the systems needed to support your private-label go-to-market strategy, including regulatory, quality and production practices, as well as therapeutic results that your customers expect. To learn more about our specialized private label health products, contact us today!