White Label Vegan Protein Powders

As a health and fitness brand, you need to offer products that help people feel great from the inside out. White label vegan protein powders are an ideal choice for that purpose, as they provide a cleaner alternative to whey proteins which can irritate the digestive system and cause other negative side effects. Instead, vegan options can be more beneficial to the body as they are easier on the stomach and include healthy doses of fibre which can boost weight loss.

The right plant-based protein will contain a balanced blend of protein, fibre and healthy fats. This will drip feed the nutrients to your body over a longer period of time than protein alone, meaning you’ll stay fuller for longer and be better equipped to reach your fitness and wellbeing goals. Look for a formula without any added sugar, salt or other ‘nasties’ and a range of super foods to deliver antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, too.

A complete plant-based protein is a must for those who want to ensure they’re getting all of the essential amino acids they need to be fit and healthy. This will typically be derived from raw vegetables, and can be found in powder form, such as pea, soy or hemp protein, or in wholefoods, such as sweet potato or brown rice. A high-quality protein powder will also be free from artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners and gluten and lactose.

Hemp protein is a favourite with eco-warriors as it’s sourced from raw, European grown seeds – which means low food miles and a wide range of natural, heart-healthy polyunsaturated fats and dietary fibre. It’s a protein-powerhouse with a soft, creamy texture and delicious nutty taste.

Sunflower protein doesn’t get as much hype as the likes of hemp and soy, but it can be just as potent, especially when cold-pressed and made from a blend of sunflower seeds, which makes it highly versatile for use in shakes and snacks. It also delivers a good amount of dietary fibre and naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals, too.

A high-quality, organic vegan option is perfect for those looking for a smooth and creamy texture and an irresistibly delicate taste. It’s a great alternative to whey protein and has a soft, smooth texture with a mild and subtle nutty taste. It’s easy on the digestive system and is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and fibre to support the immune system and gut health.