How to Choose a Probiotics Wholesaler

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that live in our digestive tract and help us maintain a good balance of healthy gut microbes. This is critical for good health and a strong immune system. These bacteria are also responsible for helping us digest foods and absorb nutrients. If there is an imbalance of these bacteria, it can cause many different health problems. This is why a lot of people are taking probiotic supplements to help them feel healthier and have better digestion.

These supplements can be found in cultured dairy products such as yogurt, fermented vegetables, some beverages and nutrition bars. However, most consumers prefer to take them in pill form, particularly if they have intolerances to these foods or are on a strict diet that prevents them from getting enough of this nutrient through their food intake.

A reputable probiotics wholesaler is a key player in this market. They are able to provide companies with the necessary ingredients and packaging to make high-quality probiotic products. They also offer various services that include design, formulation, encapsulation, testing and shipping. These services are essential in ensuring that the end product meets the quality standards set by the FDA and other regulatory bodies.

When choosing a probiotics wholesaler, it is important to choose one that can offer the highest quality products at competitive prices. This is because the quality of the product is directly related to its effectiveness. The best probiotics will have the most potent active ingredient that is safe for human consumption and is backed by scientific research. It will also have a clean label that is easily understood by the consumer.

In addition to having the right amount of active ingredient, the capsules used to contain these probiotics are also crucial. This is because the capsules will play a role in how the probiotics are delivered to the intestines and how well they can survive there. This is why it is important to look for a company that offers advanced capsule choices such as Capsugel (Greenwood, SC). These advanced options are designed to ensure the friendly bacteria stay alive until they reach their targeted destination in the intestines.

Another way that probiotics can help our digestion is by influencing how long waste remains in the body. Certain strains such as bifidobacterium lactis are known to support normal intestinal transit time, which is around 12-24 hours. Too short of a transit time can lead to diarrhea, while too long of a transit time can result in constipation.

Finally, some probiotics can even help with halitosis. According to a recent study, some Lactobacillus strains were found to be effective in treating this problem, by improving the balance of the bacterial flora in the mouth and reducing plaque formation. This is because the lactic acid produced by these bacteria helps to break down the biofilm that causes halitosis and improves microbial homeostasis. The study was published in the journal, Oral Surgery, Implantology and Restorative Dentistry.