How to Choose the Best Food Supplements Supplier

When it comes to nutritional supplements, there are many options on the market. These supplements can range from vitamin & mineral capsules to protein powders, probiotics, herbal remedies and more. Choosing the best food supplements supplier means finding a company that can create quality products that fit your specific brand’s needs, budget, and target audience. You’ll also want to find a company that can produce high volumes at a reasonable price.

When searching for a supplement manufacturer, look for one that has a reputation for excellent customer service and has a high standard of quality control. You should also ask potential manufacturers what raw ingredient sourcing principles they follow and what kind of lab tests they carry out on their ingredients. These tests should include identifying the compound, its purity and potency. They should also look for microbial contaminants, heavy metals, and other harmful substances that are often present in raw materials.

One of the top supplement companies is NOW Foods, which has an extensive selection of herbal supplements, vitamins, nutrition formulas, essential oils, and more. NOW Foods is known for its affordable prices and good quality, and all of their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. Their labs use a variety of methods, including gas chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography, to test both their ingredients and finished products.

Another option is Garden of Life, which produces supplements with organic and certified non-GMO whole foods. The company’s supplements are formulated to include natural cofactors and enzymes that help maximize bioavailability. Their entire catalog is carbon-neutral, and they’re committed to sustainability and transparency in their production process. They’re also third-party certified as vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

Lastly, Nutrascience Labs is a vitamin and minerals producer that produces custom dietary supplements for customers. They can produce supplements in various forms, including gels, tablets, softgels, and gummies. They’re an FDA-registered and inspected facility that follows strict cGMP standards. They’re also dedicated to safety and environmental sustainability.

The best food supplements supplier will offer a range of services, including encapsulation, tablet pressing, formulating, polishing, and more. They should have a wide array of equipment for each process and be capable of producing a large volume of products. They’ll be able to work with you to find the right ingredients and packaging for your product. In addition, they’ll provide the highest level of customer service possible. They’ll be available to answer any questions and concerns you have about the products they produce. They’ll also offer you a free sample of your product to ensure that it meets your expectations. Then, they’ll ship it to you at no extra cost.