The Food Supplement Manufacturer UK

The Food Supplement Manufacturer UK is a company that offers contract manufacturing services for a variety of nutritional and sports supplements. Their products can be packaged in a wide range of formats including capsules, soft gels, tablets, and gummies. They can be produced to meet the specific requirements of clients such as for athletic performance, general wellbeing, joint-care, weight management, and special dietary needs. They are ISO 9001, UKAS, BRC, and GMP certified. They can also be produced as halal products.

Food Supplements in the UK are regulated as foods by legislation and are therefore subject to the same laws and labelling as other food. The Food Supplements (Labelling) Regulations 2002/46/EC establishes harmonised rules for the vitamins and minerals that can be used as sources of food supplements and requires the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to carry out evaluations of these substances.

If a food company wants to market a new nutrient source for a food supplement, it must submit an application to EFSA. EFSA will evaluate the new substance to determine whether it is safe at the levels suggested for use in the food supplement and will also look at the bioavailability of the nutrient from the source.

Once a food business operator has submitted an application, EFSA will publish a scientific opinion on the substance and the application will be reviewed by the European Commission. If the application is approved, it will be included in the list of permitted ingredients for food supplements.

Some of the leading suppliers of food supplement manufacturers in Europe include Freyr, which provides end-to-end regulatory support for novel foods and dietary supplements. It helps companies manage complex regulatory processes and provides a full range of services, from dossier compilation to regulatory consulting. Moreover, it ensures compliance with all EU-wide regulations for food safety and labelling.

Another supplier of food supplement manufacturers in the UK is Private Label Nutrition, which was founded in 2014 in Blackpool, Lancashire. It offers contract manufacturing services for a variety of natural health products including cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, raspberry ketone, and creatine. It also manufactures supplement products for fitness enthusiasts, sports instructors, and professional athletes who want to gain muscle mass or enhance their physical performance. In addition to these, it offers customized packaging and dropshipping services. Its customers can be found across the world, and its products have been featured on several media outlets.