Create your own brand of supplements

How to create your own brand of supplements in 3 easy steps

The natural health market is a booming industry, with a variety of target audiences.

Whether you are looking to enter the market aiming at health-conscious consumers, slimmers, athletes or more specialist groups – such as vegetarians, vegans, ‘free from’, organic and kosher – why not take advantage of a market-ready range of supplements, that you can get selling immediately?

Specialist Supplements Ltd is an industry expert, trading for over two decades and specialising in supplying high-quality, natural own brand products to re-sellers worldwide.

Let us help you to realise your dream of having your very own range of health foods, food supplements and/or herbal formulations, quickly, easily and at an affordable one-off price.

STEP 1: Find a wholesale supplier with a market-ready range

Congratulations, you have already completed step 1! As a well-established industry leader, we are the wholesale supplements supplier for you.

But why do you need a market-ready range? Wouldn’t it be better to formulate your very own customised formulas from scratch?

The answer for the vast majority of customers is ‘no’. This is because, formulating products, getting them manufactured, ensuring legal compliance and then arranging for packaging and branding yourself, is a complex, costly and time-consuming process; one that usually involves minimum runs, qualified nutritionists, solicitors and other experts.

While we do offer assistance with custom formulations if required, the vast majority of our re-sellers, interested in establishing their own brand, choose to sell products from our ready-to-go range. It is comprehensive and can meet the requirements of virtually any target market or health goal.

STEP 2: Set up your own personalised product labels

Simply pick the Specialist Supplements Ltd products or ranges you wish to sell, set up your personalised labels with us and get selling – it’s as simple as that!

We have an in-house Own Label team, dedicated to handling our trade customers’ branding. Whether you choose to use one of our attractive design templates (which can be personalised with your colour scheme, logo, product names and contact details), or supply your own artwork, we can set up your labels for a small one-off fee and in a matter of days.

Once your labels have been set up with us, all printing for orders placed with us is free.

There are no minimum orders for own label product orders, and we can even dropship these for you (directly to your customers) at no extra charge.

STEP 3: Start selling!

Once you have created a trade account and your branded product labels have been set up, all that is left for you to do is to get marketing and selling! And we can help with both…

We have a free bank of marketing materials for trade customers, which can be personalised with pictures of your branded products for a very small fee. We also offer a host of tailored marketing services, such as web banner, catalogue and stationary design.

Want to get selling online? We can build you a ready-to-use ecommerce website, pre-populated with images of your own label products, basic descriptions and SEO tags.

Add prestige your business, enhance your reputation, inspire confidence in consumers and promote customer loyalty with a range of products that matches your company’s branding.

Also enjoy greater pricing flexibility, with no worries of same-brand price comparisons!